zondag 6 januari 2013

GreaSeR Fest 4 Line-Up

So after a long search to bring you the music you've been waiting for here's the line up for our upcoming GreaserFest on April 20th! Hope you like them!

 1) Filthy Still (USA): Folk-Punk-Bluegrass with a dash of classic rock

 2) Atomic Road Kings (USA): Eric “Jailhouse” Von Herzen and Tom Essa “Slim Crowbar” are revamping the lineup for the upcoming European Tour. Now called the ATOMIC ROAD KINGS, the band will feature the following all-star cast: Eric “Jailhouse” Von Herzen on harmonica, recording credits include Social Distortion Kyle Jester on vocals & guitar, formerly with Candye Kane & Earl Thomas Renaud Lesire on bass, current member of the Keith Dunn Band Tom Essa “Slim Crowbar” on drums, formerly with Mississippi Mudsharks

 3) Spo dee o dee (GER): Country/R&B/Rockabilly from Germany

 4) Rob Ryan Roadshow (GER): For the past 20 years, in Nashville and around the world, Rob has been performing live straight forward country music forged with honky-tonk, western swing, bluegrass and rockabilly.

 5) Ricky Rocket & The Phantoms (GER):This group is the resulting mixture from three of the most emblematic Berliner rocker bands: The Rockin Slickers, Ricky Rocket & His Little Greens and Los Raw Meat. Their influences are absolutely various as those guys come from diferent underscenes. It is obvious the influence from the classic 50s Rock & Roll but it goes one step further, they are fully impregned from the very late 50's and early 60's British sound with a touch of the actual sense to understand the Rockabilly music.


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