zondag 29 september 2013

PussY MisticaL Wagon

A new PuSSy WaGon is bought and getting ready to get some miles for the next season. Have fun with it Alain!

WooDchoPPers HelMet

Our Woodchopper got himself a new helmet painted by MysticAl! Looking great!

Tiki J

We are blessed that we have another great artist among us and proud to call a GasketBlower. Tiki-J is a talented tiki carver and also a great paint artist. Together with MysticAl they form Carves And Stripes! He also will be present at our 5th GreaserFest on April 26th 2014. Support these 2 great guys and buy some shit of them!



Our bro MysticAl is a very talented artist in our club. He created his own style of art that already blew some minds. This is just a small impression of what he's capable of. You can buy these things for a reasonable price directly from him or just come by at our GreaserFest on April 26th 2014 to see the master at work!


BaD aSS TanKs

MysticAl painted these fine tanks for Dave's bikes! As usual mighty fine work!

DaVe's SurvivoR JaP

 Dave is putting together this nice little project with some parts he has laying around! Can't wait to see the result!

El PeRRo iRon

Perro's crazy-fucked-up Iron machine. Strong runner! 

vrijdag 27 september 2013

GreaSerFesT PART 5

The GasketBlowers proudly present PART 5 of GreaserFest! So boys and gals mark your calendars for the 26th of April 2014! Spread the word...