dinsdag 15 mei 2012

HiPPy KiLLeR HoeDowN

The Hippy Killer Hoedown is one of those show's you must see at least once in your lifetime! Kutty and his crew did an amazing show. The rain showers the day and night before were long forgotten. The bikes and cars were fantastic and so were the people! Wanna say thank's to Kutty for having us both!  

Scott's bike. Was nice meeting you man!

Jason Cruz' Van, founder of the Vandolero's Van Club

Jeremiah's and Robert's bikes, both won an award and got a trophy by Dan Collins

Chaka Khan, the new masterpiece from T-Bone. He won the Dice Award! A trophy well earned!

Tom and I, pic was taken by Eric from Falconer Photo!

Danny's Knuckle won best bike from the Loser Machine Crew!

A solid dude!

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